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Storm Debris Removal & Cleanup To Restore Your Bardstown Property

Storm debris removal

When storms roar through Central Kentucky and leave a mess in their wake, homeowners and business owners are left with the task of cleanup. AJS Services LLC has the means to handle Bardstown storm debris removal and cleanup.

Whether this is necessary following a summer thunderstorm or a winter snowstorm, you need only turn to the professionals, and AJS Services LLC can relieve you of this sometimes daunting task. We offer a full slate of services from yard work and cleanup to snow and ice removal and everything in between.

Seasonal pressure washing in Bardstown is among them, and this is especially important after storms deposit leaves, branches, dirt, and grime on your roof and windows or in your downspouts. Thorough pressure washing is just one aspect of storm debris removal and cleanup to consider for your Bardstown home or commercial property.

Leave This Cleanup Responsibility To The Professionals

Should one of these storms cause damage, such as a large limb from a mature tree, or there's just so much debris you don't know where to start, it's best to hire a professional. And that's where AJS Services LLC comes in.

We have the equipment and the know-how to remove large limbs and small branches to restore your yard, patio, roof, or driveway to a condition of comfort and safety.

If leaf removal and cleanup are high on your list, we can handle that as well. Not only will we remove downed twigs and dead leaves, but we'll also haul them away, thus eliminating time-consuming bagging and disposal.

Landscape Waste Cleaning Is All About The Environment

You sometimes accumulate sizeable amounts of grass clippings, prunings, vegetable garden remnants, and the like throughout the year. Your mulch pile continues to grow, or you end up bagging these items and either putting them out with the trash or taking them to the landfill.

Landscape waste cleaning is another of AJS Services LLC' offerings involving an environmentally conscious approach to reusable resources. Mulching is an excellent option, and our equipment includes chippers that grind these natural resources down so they can be ecologically re-applied to the ecosystem.

So when it comes time to enlist the help of a professional storm debris removal and cleanup team, call 270-748-0282. AJS Services LLC is Bardstown's premier pressure washing and post-storm cleanup expert.


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