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Bardstown Pressure Washing Services You Can Depend On


Bardstown certainly isn't immune to the heat and humidity that is so prevalent in Central Kentucky. So it's important to consider scheduling a pressure washing treatment for your Bardstown home.

Our pressure washing professionals at AJS Services LLC use the most advanced procedures and equipment to ensure the exterior of your property looks clean and good as new.

Whether your siding needs to be cleaned or your roof requires removing unsightly black streaks, pressure washing is the answer. Sometimes years go by before we realize we haven't properly cared for our home's exterior features.

House washing will remove contaminants from the surface that keeps your family safe, and traditional pressure washing and window washing will produce a look that will increase curb appeal and give you peace of mind.

Pressure Washing Improves The Look Of Your Bardstown Property

Years of moisture, whether in rain, hail, or humidity, cause streaks to form on shingles and metal roofs. This comes from mold and mildew, tree pitch, bird droppings, and the natural breakdown of your roofing materials.

By scheduling roof cleaning and allowing the pressure washing professionals to do what they do best, you are extending the life of your roof. You're also removing contaminants such as pollen and mold, which in some cases act as annoying allergens that could impact the health of your family.

Gutter Cleaning Is Essential In Bardstown

The benefits of gutter cleaning are many, but perhaps the most important of them include:

  • Removal of sludge
  • Keeping gutters and downspouts flowing freely
  • Protecting vegetation from roof overflow
  • Peace of mind for you as a homeowner

AJS Services LLC does not use a "one size fits all" approach to gutter cleaning. Instead, we will meet with you and conduct a thorough inspection and give you a fair estimate and then go to work to clean out your gutters and entire roof drainage system.


Home And Concrete Pressure Washing In Bardstown, KY

Home And Concrete Pressure Washing In Bardstown, KY

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