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Cleaning Service Professionals Offering A Variety Of Exterior Cleaning Services In Bardstown

Keeping your private residence and commercial property looking as good as possible can be a challenge. But it doesn't have to be -- not with a top-rated cleaning service in Bardstown.

AJS Services LLC provides a full slate of options, making us the best business to call on for pressure washing in the Bardstown area. Whether your residence is due for a more traditional house washing treatment or heavy-duty clean-up is vital following a storm, our team will respond in a timely and professional manner.

' Service To Others.' It's What AJS Services LLC Is All About.

Our owner Anthony Skube sums it up this way: "Jobs we do best are those that pose challenges others may not accept or are not able to handle. Our 'service to others' mindset allows us to treat our customers' property like our own."

We put these words into practice on every job, whether it involves roof cleaning, patio washing, or snow and ice removal. We keep it personal and focus on meeting the pressure washing, and cleaning needs your property requires.

Snow plowing


When those winter storms tear through Central Kentucky, and you don't know where to turn, why not turn to AJS Services LLC? We'll plow your driveway and clear your sidewalks and restore safe footing for you and your family.

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Ice removal

Ice Removal

This is a task AJS Services LLC can provide, especially when the snow melts and then re-freezes or when a nasty ice storm deposits ice crystals all around your property. We have the equipment and know-how to handle this.

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Leaf removal

Leaf Removal & Cleanup

Mature trees deposit more leaves than most of us are willing to handle. AJS Services LLC will remove leaves in the fall so you can enjoy your weekends instead of worrying about the pile-up out in the yard.

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Storm debris removal

Storm Debris Removal & Cleanup

Post-storm clean-up isn't easy, but it is necessary. Our teams have the equipment and means to ease your worry and remove branches, twigs, and other debris to restore your desired tidy look.

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Fire risk mitigation

Wildland Fire Risk Mitigation

As drought conditions rise, so does the risk of wildfires. Managing landscapes and property vegetation is vital to mitigate this threat, and AJS Services LLC is committed to assisting with this endeavor.

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