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Offering Bardstown Leaf Removal & Seasonal Cleanup For Worry-Free Yards

Leaf removal

When fall arrives, and the leaves begin to fall, it seems the process is never-ending. One minute you're enjoying the change of color from green to brilliant reds, yellows, and oranges, and the next thing you know, the beauty that was, turns into the mess of dead leaves on your lawn.

Leaf removal for Bardstown residences is one of many offerings provided by AJS Services LLC. Those leaves don't have to be a worry; instead, we will use a combination of leaf blowers and vacuums, rakes, and other equipment to clean up your yard when autumn arrives.

It's no secret these leaves end up on your roof and then possibly in your gutters and downspouts. When you hire AJS Services LLC to perform leaf and/or storm debris removal and cleanup, we demonstrate the kind of Bardstown pressure washing that eliminates debris and restores beauty and safety.

Don't Forget About Fall Landscape Cleanup

Leaf and limb removal isn't the only home maintenance task that comes with the arrival of autumn. As winter approaches and vegetation sheds leaves and flower petals, these perennials and annuals must be properly addressed.

AJS Services LLC will employ great care and consideration when pruning dead limbs and petals as we help these all-important plants, shrubs, and trees through the tough months that lie ahead. We also will apply fertilizer if need be to give this flora a needed boost if necessary.

After The Thaw, We Get To Work Again

Because AJS Services LLC is all about serving our customers year-round, we tailor every plan to fit your exact needs.

So when we return in the spring to perform the best Bardstown pressure washing treatment services available, our team of professionals will clean up your property so spring and summer are as enjoyable as possible.

If you contract with us throughout the year, you can expect the following:

  • Prompt and professional service
  • Peace of mind, regardless of the weather
  • More time for family and friends
  • Increased curb appeal

Our owner, Anthony Skube, describes one of the goals of AJS Services LLC as follows: "We allow our customers to have the peace of mind that the services we are hired for will be taken care of professionally, without the worries and liabilities of doing the job themselves or hiring an uninsured party."

What more could you ask for a company that is ready to meet all your pressure washing needs? AJS Services LLC is standing by to perform whichever task you require for your Bardstown home or business.


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