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First-Class Pressure Washing Services In Lawrenceburg


The professionals at AJS Services LLC offer a full slate of pressure washing services in Lawrenceburg. Regardless of what the home maintenance needs are -- house washing, driveway cleaning, or roof pressure washing -- we stand at the ready to deliver.

Don't delay -- call AJS Services LLC, and our pressure washing professionals will inspect whatever exterior surface needs attention, offer a fair and competitive estimate, and provide the specific service your Lawrenceburg home's exterior requires.

Pressure washing a home in Lawrenceberg involves more than just using the right water pressure. It also may require:

  • Extra care around windows
  • Adjustments in water temperature
  • Attention to the most minute details
  • Proper and effective equipment

Lawrenceberg Pressure Washing Experts Are Ready To Wash Away Your Worries

Whether you've tired of oil stains on the driveway or water erosion widening those sidewalk cracks, concrete cleaning is likely what you need. The AJS Services LLC team will go to work and scrub away pavement contaminants and unwanted breaks in the sidewalk.

These high-traffic areas area a high-priority area, and we will give it the attention it deserves. When pressure washing, we use eco-friendly anti-contaminants, adjust the water temperature and pressure as needed, and work to achieve the look you desire and can be proud of.

Lawrenceburg Homeowners: We Will Clean Your Gutters!

Algae. Moss. Mold. Mildew. And then some. Your gutters contain so much dirt, and then there's the impact of warm temperature and all kinds of precipitation. So when you schedule your semi-annual roof cleaning treatments, why not include a thorough pressure washing treatment of your gutters and downspouts?

House washing is so important to you, the homeowner. One essential facet of this maintenance need is to consider is the benefit of regular roof and gutter cleaning, which are many, including:

  • Removing loose leaves and twigs
  • Pressure-washing mold and mildew
  • Extending the life of your roof
  • Eliminating grime and algae that find their way between shingles

We also make sure your gutters and downspouts are flowing freely before pressure washing your roof. The last thing you need is a rush of water over your gutters and onto the landscaping below.

AJS Services LLC ensures every aspect of your pressure washing needs is met. We guarantee it.

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