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Wildland Fire Risk Mitigation For Safe Bardstown Properties

Fire risk mitigation

Your property needs protection from the elements -- not just damaging winds, hail, snow, and ice. Wildfires pose a threat no one wants to deal with. Helping you create a fire prevention plan for your Bardstown property is part of AJS Services LLC' wildland fire risk mitigation service.

Authorities report that one of the most critical considerations for wildland fire risk mitigation is fuels reduction. In other words, the less there is to burn, the less likely a wildfire is to spread and cause damage to homes and surrounding properties.

Take The First Step: Fire Risk Assessment

Studies show a major factor in the prevention of wildfires starting and spreading lies with the homeowner. AJS Services LLC is available to perform a fire risk assessment of your property.

We will thoroughly inspect your defensible space and render a consistent recommendation with what the authorities emphasize. Fuels reduction is a significant factor when considering wildland fire risk mitigation in Bardstown.

One of the likely scenarios would be storm debris removal and cleanup. If left unattended, the leaves, limbs, and dead vegetation would constitute a fire hazard should dry conditions persist in the area. AJS Services LLC will remove this debris as part of your wildland fire risk mitigation plan.

The ultimate goal is not only to prevent a wildfire but to protect your home and reduce its ignitability. Among the tips federal authorities offer are:

  • Removal of pine needles and limbs from the roof and gutters
  • Proper spacing between your home and fence
  • Planting only native species when landscaping
  • Employing a system of decorative stone and concrete to separate plants and slow the spread of wildfire

Where To Start? Consider Home Washing First

Pressure washing in Bardstown is a logical first step to take when considering wildland fire risk mitigation. Whether this involves traditional house washing and/or roof and gutter cleaning, AJS Services LLC will help you get started on the road to protecting your home and surrounding property from wildfires.

Our pressure washing experts do more than just point and spray. They use a pressure and temperature system and sometimes perform soft washing to most effectively remove dirt and clean the surface being treated.

AJS Services LLC is Bardstown's premier pressure washing service, and we pride ourselves on preparing a treatment plan tailored to your specifications. If part of this plan involves wildland fire risk mitigation, we stand ready to keep you and your family safe. Call us today at 270-748-0282!


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