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Snowplowing To Make Winters Bardstown A Little Easier

Snow plowing

Snowstorms, whether big or small, present safety challenges for homeowners and property owners alike. Bardstown property owners, however, have a snowplowing option in AJS Services LLC.

We are available for contracted services, so when that storm does come, you can rest assured we'll be there to plow the snow and restore your driveway to the safe surface you and your family require.

AJS Services LLC has teams that will fan out and address your snow removal needs, whether it's just an inch or two of powder or more significant snowfall. Whether we're removing snow and ice or performing post-storm cleaning services, no job is too big or too small for us.

And when spring arrives and the remnants of sand and salt remain, AJS Services LLC will show why our Bardstown pressure washing service is the best around. We'll ensure your driveway remains safe year-round.

Let The Snow Plow Do The Work

When the snow and ice pile up, there's no need to stress about it. AJS Services LLC is standing by to handle this task.

The advantages of employing a snow and ice removal service like AJS are many, including:

  • Cost-effectiveness
  • Health and wellness
  • Safer footing and traction
  • AJS Services LLC' reliability

When There's A Big Freeze, AJS Services LLC Is Prepared

The humidity of Central Kentucky is easily noticeable during warm weather, but perhaps not so much when temperatures drop and the dew of spring and summer turn to the frost of fall and winter.

When things freeze over, or snowmelt refreezes and creates treacherous footing and extra weight on limbs, treating these conditions is vital. AJS Services LLC has the equipment and manpower to assist with this important home safety issue.

Salt, sand, plowing, shoveling, and the like are time-consuming and strenuous, and not everyone has the means or the energy to meet the demands of ice removal. But AJS Services LLC does, and we will quickly respond when winter conditions pose such challenges.

Snowplowing is easily the most effective and efficient way to remove snow from your driveway and even your sidewalks. Eliminate the worry and give us a call at 270-748-0282.


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