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Frequently Asked Pressure Washing Questions - Answered By AJS Services LLC

What's The Difference Between Pressure Washing And Soft Washing?

The differences involve two primary considerations -- and a few other factors: Detergents and water pressure. While standard pressure washing relies on the sheer power of the water and a spraying motion, soft washing employs the application of a mixture of water and an anti-contaminant solution. One washes away the dirt and grime, the other washes it away and cleans the surface.

How Often Should I Get My House Washed?

We recommend pressure washing at least once a year. It's dependent upon such factors as the condition of the material being treated and the impact of natural elements. Pressure washing in Bardstown is a crucial consideration, especially since this is a pollen and tree-heavy area. This could mean a twice-per-year option might be best -- spring and fall.

What Winter Services Do You Offer?

AJS Services LLC offers ice and snow removal in Bardstown. We will be there when it snows or when freezing rain wreaks havoc on your property. Leave it to us to keep your driveways and sidewalks clear. And after a storm, we'll be there to remove debris and ensure the exterior is safe and the footing is solid.

Do You Use Any Harsh Chemicals In Your Cleaning Processes?

Our anti-contaminant solutions are environmentally friendly. AJS Services LLC uses only eco-friendly detergents to clean siding when house washing or shingles when roof cleaning.


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